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Cops show up as Supreme causes chaos with MetroCards

The branded subway cards are being sold at ticket booths across the city - as with any Supreme drop, loads of frenzied guys turned up en masse

Local New York residents and young commuters have been causing chaos in the city’s subways, in an attempt to get their hands on Supreme’s new MetroCards.

The fully functioning travel cards – adorned with the instantly recognisable red-and-white logo – come with two trips’ worth of fare ($5.50). Their release coincides with Supreme’s new spring 2017 collection.

The news was broken yesterday via the official NYCT Subway Twitter account, who stated that they would be selling them in a selected stations. Responding to a concerned tweet asking which stations would be dispensing them, the NYCT Subway tweeted the following list of places where they could be purchased: Broadway-Lafayette Street, 125th Street, Queens Plaza, Marcy Ave, Atlantic Ave, Prince Street, Spring Street, and Union Square.

There have since been major delays at these stations with Twitter users filming scenes of queues snaking around ticket machines and other passengers. The NYCT Subway Twitter also claimed the MetroCards could be bought from ticket booths. Due to the chaos, cards are currently being resold on eBay, with some of them reaching $100.

This isn’t the first time Supreme have mischievously duped the public into buying a mundane, branded object. Late last year, they announced the sale of a red clay brick – with the Supreme logo faithfully imprinted on the front – priced at $30. Once again, the eBay resale price was much higher, going for up to $1,000, after originally selling out in minutes.