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Timothy James Andrews: A-Block-A-Brick-Toe

The knitwear designer fuses Transformers, Tetris, Aztec and Apocolypto for his latest A/W09 collection.

Knitwear designer Timothy James Andrews showcases his new AW 09/10 collection, "A-BLOCK-A-BRICK-TOE" and we catch up once again with him to talk about why is taking a more graphic and print-based turn with his work.

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration for your new collection?
Timothy James Andrews: My main inspiration came from the elaborate costumes worn in Mel Gibson's film Apocolypto, the Aztec geometric shapes, patterns and colours were mental. There's also a bit of Transformers and 60s sci-fi in there too. The patterns from the classic computer game Tetris became the inspiration for the crystal patterns on some of the pieces. I had great fun placing the beads together in a pattern, almost like playing the game!

DD: You are originally a knitwear designer. Why is this collection is more graphic?
Timothy James Andrews: I wanted to do something a bit different from what I've done before and work with more sculptural shapes and experiment with quilting. Before I finished my MA in Fashion I completed a degree in Textiles and I think prints and knits work particularly well together. The combination of quilting, stretchy printed fabrics, knits and crystals show a rich mix of textures.

DD: How did you do the prints?
Timothy James Andrew: They are all digitally printed. I worked with my good friend and textile designer Laura Slater. It has that Aztec, transformer, geometric feel, but because of the colour palette, there is a retro vibe to it.

DD: Did you make all the accessories yourself?
Timothy James Andrews: Yes, apart from the shoes. My friend and shoe designer Becky Goodland made them especially for this collection.

DD: You seem to have a thing with leggings and huge accessories, why is that?
Timothy James Andrews: I like the idea that you can cover the entire body in prints, almost like a 2nd skin hence the tight leggings and t-shirts. For big accessories, they just make me smile and I enjoy the process of making them. The big necklace that is worn on the back is inspired from the aztec shapes but for the big cube bracelets I just saw the shapes in a foam shop and had to make it into something!!

Photographer Akio
Stylist Nobuko Tannawa
Hair Naoki Komiya using Bumble & Bumble
Make-up Zoe Taylor using MAC
Model Kseniya from Next
Photographic assistants Ben Martin, Yas Kotake and Miyu
Hair assistant Shin Sone