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‘Melania Trump #DGwoman ❤❤❤❤❤ thank you 🇺🇸 #madeinitaly🇮🇹’ wrote Stefano Gabbanavia @stefanogabbana

Stefano Gabbana supports Trumps on Instagram, fans respond

The designer faces a social media backlash after posting a photo of the incoming POTUS and FLOTUS

If there’s one thing Dominico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know how to do (apart from making molto belli clothes), it’s to spark controversy. From becoming embroiled in a tax scandal and coming out as against gay marriage to calling children born through IVF treatment “chemical children, synthetic babies” and selling a “slave sandal”, the last few years have seen the designers’ names enter the press for all the wrong reasons. And now they’ve done it again – by expressing support for the wife of president-elect Donald Trump, Melania.

Many fashion designers have openly said that they would refuse to dress Melania because of her husband’s political rhetoric – one that’s rampant with racism, sexism and xenophobia. One designer wrote an open letter encouraging her counterparts to do so, while Marc Jacobs said, “I’d rather put my energy into helping out those who will be hurt by (Donald) Trump and his supporters.”

Stefano Gabbana has no qualms about it however and was not only willing, but grateful to dress the First Lady-elect. “#DGwoman,” he wrote on Instagram, captioning a photo of her wearing a D&G LBD, while accompanied by her husband. “Melania Trump #DGwoman ❤❤❤❤❤ thank you 🇺🇸 #madeinitaly🇮🇹.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this hasn’t gone down with the designer’s fans and Instagram followers. “First, you’re against gay marriage. So, do you support these kind of people? Shame,” wrote one, while others praised the Gabbana for his boldness and for “elevating your talent over politics”. 

Gabbana himself has engaged with those commenting on the photo, thanking those supporting him and inviting those not doing so to unfollow him. “How many stupid and ignorant people r on instagram!!!!” he wrote. “Please if you dont like my post unfollow me ... thank u ❤”

The US presidential election has politicised the American fashion industry to an extent that has never been seen. Supreme and Vogue both endorsed a political candidate for the first time in their respective histories, while Trump’s opposition, Hillary Clinton, received endorsements from pretty much every US designer you can think of: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Tory Burch and Vera Wang.