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AllSaint Limited Season 1
AllSaint Limited Season 1Photography Matteo Montanari

AllSaints’ creative director on the brand’s new move

Wil Beedle discusses the launch of AllSaints Limited, the brand’s fiercely independent attitude and how they street cast a girl who ended up on the Balenciaga runway

For anyone who grew up in the UK, AllSaints is synonymous with leather jackets and biker boots, an all-black (or nearly all-black) colour palette and a distressed finish. Now, however, the brand is launching something a little more elevated: AllSaints Limited which, as the name suggests, comprises of garments made in strictly limited numbers.

The first collection of this kind, which is titled Season 1, launches on Monday (17th October) at Selfridges but it won’t be hanging alongside contemporary brands – it’ll sit on the international luxury designer floor, alongside high end labels like Givenchy and Rick Owens. “I wanted to do a collection that was only available in that space, and I wanted people to see it who otherwise wouldn’t have walked into our store,” says AllSaints creative director Wil Beedle. “Fundamentally for me, it’s a much more personal project, which is reflected in the restriction of the numbers that were manufactured. I wanted to create something that people wouldn't necessarily all be able to have. So there would be less of it.”

The personal aspect of this project is, according to Beedle, also reflected in the “intimacy of the images”, photographed by Matteo Montanari. To model this collection, the designer selected new face Ansolet Rossouw who reminds him of “those really great 90s girls”. As for the collection itself, it’s still distinctly AllSaints with the leather and army vibes – it features leather jackets with big shearling collars and patent leather boots, along with military-inspired parkas and knits in off-kilter silhouettes.

Speaking to Beedle, there’s one thing he makes clear – AllSaints’ fiercly independent attitude. “To give you an example, in February did Tokyo Fashion Week, and were one of the first Western brands to do so. Why does it always have to be London, New York and Paris? So we did that, and street cast models. We cast one girl called Manami Kinoshita who we found doing selfies with her friend on Instagram, and she’s now walking for Balenciaga.”

AllSaints Limited is another expression of the brand’s independence – head to the gallery above to see the collection, and to Selfridges to shop it.