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Hedi Slimane has a lot to say about Saint Laurent on Twitter

The designer is keen to set the record straight on a couple of things

In April of this year, Hedi Slimane left Saint Laurent after three and a half years as creative director. Unfortunately, like many break-ups, things got a bit messy and, in June, it emerged that the designer was suing his former employer. After a lawsuit, Saint Laurent’s owner Kering was ordered to pay Slimane a sum of $13 million.

Today, just nine days after his successor Anthony Vaccarello staged his first show, Slimane, who famously never gives interviews, has broken his silence in an epic 22-tweet spiel. It seems that the designer is keen to get the record straight – not about the nature of his departure from Saint Laurent, but about his use of YSL’s logo.

When Slimane took over Saint Laurent in 2012 he completely overhauled the house’s branding, changing it so that it went under the moniker Saint Laurent instead of Yves Saint Laurent or YSL. There was a backlash to this, perhaps most famously with the meme featuring the words “It Ain’t Laurent Without Yves” printed in the Saint Laurent typeface, which later made it’s way onto t-shirts and beanies. 

At Vaccarello’s debut two weeks ago, a giant neon YSL sign hung about the venue and the logo itself featured in the collection – remember those heels? And while it’s not certain who or what specifically triggered Slimane’s Twitter tirade, it’s clear that some people have felt that Vaccarello’s show in some way heralded the return of the “YSL” logo. But, as Slimane’s tweets show, this isn’t strictly true – he incorporated the iconic logo into many of his designs.

“There have been inaccurate statements on recent articles regarding Hedi and the usage of the YSL historical logo,” he says. “In conclusion it is accurate to say that the YSL logo initials were in fact celebrated and championed by Hedi.”

As you can see from his tweets (some of which can be seen below), he employed the logo throughout his tenure, from hundreds of charm pieces to the confetti that fell onto the catwalk during the finale of his SS16 menswear show.

While Slimane’s vision for Saint Laurent was different to that of his predecessor Stefano Pilati and of the house’s founder, Yves, he had the respect for its heritage. So much so, in fact, that it fully met the approval of Yves’ life and business partner Pierre Bergé who said last year, “Hedi is someone who has a huge talent – that is indisputable. He has a real vision... That is what I think. I like him very much, I like Hedi a lot – a lot.”