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Move Your Lee AW16 campaign
Move Your Lee AW16 campaign

Lee Jeans’ new campaign proves denim is for dancers too

The brand’s ‘Move Your Lee’ AW16 ad celebrates dance and ‘moving in your own way’

Since its conception back in 1889, Lee Jeans has become one of the biggest names in denim. The brand has always been renowned for its focus on durable, utilitarian workwear; an ethos which continues to permeate the label’s new autumn line, which aims to prove that denim and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive terms.

In order to communicate this message the brand conceived the #MoveYourLee campaign, which hones in on raw dance talent and the idea of dance as a form of self-expression. Its aim is to dispel the myth that jeans are stiff and restrictive, instead celebrating the beauty and freedom of movement allowed by the new styles; a series of short 10-second clips accompany the campaign, each of which showcases a diverse selection of real dancers and models who are unstyled, unchoreographed and given free rein to let loose on camera.

There’s even an opportunity for budding dance talents to take part and have their work showcased online via the #MoveYourLee hashtag. In fact, the company is actively encouraging young dancers to film their own 10-second clips, all of which will make their way onto a new community website designed to promote and proliferate creative expression. Ever wanted to become a campaign star? Now’s your chance.