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Hot Mugshot Guy Jeremy Meeks

‘Hot mugshot guy’ shares his first modelling headshot

It’s finally happening

‘Hot mugshot guy’ Jeremy Meeks has shared his first official modelling headshot, three months after being released from a two-year jail sentence in California.

Also known as ‘prison bae’, ‘hot felon’, or ‘the face that launched a thousand memes’, Meeks set the world alight in 2014 after his mugshot was posted on Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. It swiftly attracted 101,000 likes, 12,000 shares and 26,000 comments – and, thanks to those sweet baby blues, a $30,000 modelling deal months before his targeted release date.

Meeks was reportedly serving time for ‘felony weapon charges’ but started working with White Cross Management when his 27-month sentence came to an end in March. Now, we have evidence of this new venture; with Meeks posting his first official modelling headshot to Instagram on Monday. See below:

Unfortunately, the model has been hinting on the social site that he’s still under house arrest – so whether or not there will be more anytime soon is still yet to be seen. “We've had contact with a lot of big brands,” his agent, Jim Jordan, assured recently. “We have major, major fashion brands, designers on the table. We have movies on the table, we have book deals on the table, we have reality non-scripted television on the table, we have pilots on the table, we have club openings in Dubai, Vegas and all over the world.”

“I can't specify the names of them right now but the world will see very, very shortly what's about to happen.”