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Kiki willems
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Model Kiki Willems styles out runway fall, becomes our hero

Aspiring models, take note: this is how you handle a catwalk slip up

When you’re a model, falling on the runway can be one of the most petrifying moments of your career. Of course, we now live in the age of social media, which means montages of catwalk “epic fails” are never more than a click away; take a tumble and the chances are the footage will be immortalised for all to see.

So what do you do when the inevitable happens and you slip up? If you’re Dutch model Kiki Willems, you style it out like a pro. Earlier in the week, she hit the runway for Marc Jacobs’ resort show, an 80s extravaganza which saw her don a zebra-slash-checkerboard coat. Unfortunately, upon beginning her walk, the model skidded sideways, waving off help before righting herself and continuing.

The best bit – instead of letting herself be doomed to meme status or YouTube schadenfreude clickbait, Willems owned the moment, Instagramming a clip with the caption ‘Got to love a good slide, Michael Jackson meets ice skater. Cheers!’. Since posting, the video has been watched almost 80,000 times.

We’re laughing with (not at) you on this one, Kiki. See – fashion can be fun when you remember not to take it so seriously.