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Aamito Lagum model mac
Aamito Stacie Lagumvia Instagram / @modelsdot

MAC model Aamito Lagum responds to racist Instagram trolls

‘I am Aamito. I am a black. I am African and sure as the sun, every inch of me is beautiful’

You’ve probably already heard about MAC’s major NYFW Instagram drama. After sharing a backstage photo of Ugandan model Aamito Stacie Lagum’s “Matte Royal” lips on their account last Wednesday, the brand was swamped by a bunch of shit racists. “N*gga lips?” wrote one. “Holy shit I thought this was Jay Z”, shot another. Understandably, the furore went on to spark up a media storm – and even at the time of writing, the tens of thousands of comments are still climbing.

MAC had originally tagged the wrong model in the photo, claiming that the lips belonged to Atlanta model Maryse Kye. They eventually corrected the post by tagging Aamito, before stepping forward to silence the trolls with a statement. “All ages, all races, all sexes,” they wrote. “We celebrate the beauty of individuality, and the confidence to be who you are.”

Aamito, who discovered the comments after a friend sent her a screenshot of the account, has kept relatively quiet about the drama up to now. Aside from a dignified follow-up post (“my lips giving you sleepless nights”), the model has seemingly shrugged off the spiteful comments without much of an issue.

“(I’m) nonplussed,” she told Dazed yesterday. “It’s an opinionated world we live in, and while they have a right to their opinion, none of those make a change in who I am, or what those dear to me think about me. So I guess, to the emotional trash is where those comments went.”

Although this was the first time she had ever experienced trolling, Aamito stressed that “self-love” had helped her escape unscathed – and that she was uninterested in humouring any other shaming or racist commenters. “I am Aamito,” she added, defiantly. “I am a black. I am African and sure as the sun, every inch of me is beautiful.”

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