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The DoBeDo Photographer Series

DoBeDo Release The Third of Their Unique Collection of t-shirts Featuring The Work of International Photographers

Mario Sorrenti is next in line to release a t-shirt as part of the DoBeDo photographer series. His contribution entitled "Love and Faith" showcases personal images extracted from his diaries.  The eclectic collection is only available as an exclusive set and is limited to 100 subscriptions. If you are interested in owning the range you better be quick, at the time of writing this there were only nine subscriptions left. The first three t-shirts are available now and the second three are to be released in six-week intervals with the final design appearing in July.

The photographic artists involved in the project are:

001 Jack Day: London, UK
The youngest photographer in the series (born 1984) and representative of the photo blogging generation, he uses small-format cameras to document everyday findings in and around London town.

002 Dick Jewell: London, UK
Filmmaker and photographer famed for documenting Kinky Gerlinky (the infamous London club night from the late 80s), his work features drag artists from that time, producing his first book in 1981 "found photos" which is a collection of other peoples passport pictures. His second book Hysteric Glamour pulls together work drawn from club nights and inspiration for his first book, as well as fashion images taken from the streets of London.

003 Mario Sorrenti: New York, USA
Italian born Sorrenti found himself shooting Calvin Klein adverts at the tender age of 21 and has since been commissioned by a generous chunk of leading fashion houses to front advertising campaigns.

004 Mark Lebon: London, UK
Arguably more low-key existence from his days working with Ray Petri establishing the Buffalo look as the key fashion movement of the time. He passes on his knowledge to the next generation as lecturer at London College of Fashion alongside other projects.

005 Shawn Mortensen:  Los Angeles, USA
This hive of activity gets himself around, documenting notorious BIG in the 90s, dining with Marley’s in Jamaica, writing his own blog, shooting fellow photographer Terry Richardson, creatively sparking out in all directions.

006 Chardchakaj Waikawee: Bangkok, Thailand
Asian representative Chardchakaj is inward facing, focusing on Bangkok and the sights it behold in great detail, as well as playing in his band, Loser.