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Marc Jacobs turns his Instagram controversy into a t-shirt

In the wake of his accidental nude selfie, the designer unveils the ‘It’s yours to try!’ tee

In July, Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a nude selfie of himself with the caption “It’s yours to try!” onto Instagram. Though he quickly deleted it, someone took a screenshot and sent it Gawker. Naturally, the photo went viral. Embarrassing. Or at least it could have been – Jacobs’ response was unapologetic and, essentially, brilliant.

“I was flirting with someone I met on Instagram,” he wrote. “Meant to send it by DM. Oops, my mistake. I apologise to anyone it offended. I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys online sometimes. BIG DEAL!” Now however, Jacobs has taken his response to the next level, by turning this controversy into a t-shirt. 

This shirt, which the designer unveiled today (via a selfie, of course), is emblazoned with words “It’s yours to try!”. “I mean the t-shirt! Now available (THE T-SHIRT!!!!) at a MARC JACOBS store near you,” read the caption. While many of Jacobs’ now-278k followers have left comments saying they want to buy the shirt, the winking face emoji at the end of the caption may indicate that he wasn’t being entirely sincere. 

Marc Jacobs has come along way on Instagram this year. In February the designer declared that he was “appalled by the whole social media thing”. Several weeks later however, he joined the app and subsequenly racked up 38.5k followers in the first 17 hours. Since then, his candid feed has earned him the reputation as one of the best fashion people to follow on Instagram. Keep doing you, Marc.