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Gucci Milan Menswear AW15 GIF

Milan AW15 GIFs

GIF it to me baby: the best of this season’s Milan menswear shows in an animated guide


Fe/male nouveau – Alphonse Mucha prints, fluted glass vase, women’s workwear blouse patterns, red lace lingerie, Parisian paisley, “Fallingwater” house by Frank Lloyd Wright. 


Parkside schoolboy – a wall hanging by Gunta Stölzl, Oxford striped watchband, “1934-6 (painting - still life)” by Ben Nicholson OM, tweed blazers, fallen leaves in a field, “Son of Man” by René Magritte.


Mapping a message from the brain – MRI brain scan, claw marks on Mars caused by dry ice sleds, fingerprints, “Blue Purple Tilt” by Jenny Holzer, punk rock flannel plaid patches, black mourning ribbon pins.


50 shades of grey – fleece leopard print blanket, TV static, “Optical Violet Exercise” by Robert Ryman, galvanized steel sheet metal, tech fabric daypack, “Blobs 3” by György Kepes. 


Midnight oil uniform / second skin – wartime Aquascutum trench coat, medical scrubs, Flying Cross uniform issue jackets, “13 August 1961” by Mircea Suciu, “One Year” by Tehching Hsieh, HP computer monitor, “Eternal Return” by Joel Rea.