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Nasir Mazhar SS15 Lea Colombo Dazed
Nasir Mazhar SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Nasir Mazhar SS15 + exclusive soundtrack download

'I was getting bored of everyone talking about sportswear and streetwear': Nasir Mazhar moves things on + download the show soundtrack by Faze Miyake here

TextAl MulhallPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

Christina Aguilera in the "Genie in a Bottle" video. Arabic influences got a vibrant, colourful make-over, and when tapped with Nasir Mazhar's sporty aesthetic, made for a collection that took the whole streetwear/sportswear phenomenon in a new direction. 

Covering up:

"I was getting bored of everyone talking about sportswear and streetwear," the designer said backstage. "I wanted to move things on. My girl is still sexy, still tough but this time not so in your face." And that she was. Mazhar ventured into longer lengths, flowing flared tracksuit bottoms and contrast length skirts that made for a more demure offering. Well, as demure as Mazhar can be. 

Diva of Arabia:

"There were definitely Middle Eastern influences," he said, as well as "lots of velvet too and longer lengths this time." This rich mix of influences would feel at home hanging in the wardrobe of young belly dancer. And that's a good thing. With his usual troupe of street-cast girls who actually filled the clothes out, Nazir's influence is still going strong.

Listen to and download the show's original soundtrack by Faze Miyake below, exclusively on Dazed: