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Huge holograms in Central Park? That'll be Ralph Lauren

Prepare for surprises tonight as Ralph Lauren's #Polo4D show eschews a conventional runway setup in favour of 4D holograms in Central Park

Fashion and tech are fast becoming 21st century siblings, but tonight's Polo Ralph Lauren SS15 show at New York Fashion Week is certainly a highly ambitious merger of the two.

In a formidable display of digital grandeur, the show will be held in Central Park, with holographic, four-storey tall models walking across a lake. Speaking to Dazed, Ralph Lauren's vice president David Lauren tells of a constant desire to be on the frontline of innovation:

"We've always been trying new technologies. We were the first fashion brand to sell on a mobile phone. We introduced QR technology to Europe and America, no one had ever seen QR codes before. We did the first shoppable windows. We did a 4-D show a few years ago, so we are always trying to push the boundaries."

Make no mistake, this is no intimate runway show. The audience is placed outdoors at the mercy of the elements and the clothes will be worn by 50 foot holograms walking through Central Park and other iconic New York landmarks. Polo for Women is Ralph's Lauren's first line for women and this is undoubtedly a smart way to announce an arrival.

"It's a different experience," says Lauren. "You know you won't be able to touch the clothes or see the details but you'll get an energy from it and a spirit. I think people are curious to see something new and different, so I'm hoping that the weather co-operates, I hope that crowd is excited and that when they see four-story-tall models walking across a lake in Central Park that they will feel that it was new and exciting."

The show starts at 9pm NY time and 2am in the UK. Check Dazed later for a full recap of what went down.