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Pharrell's famous hat is now destined for museum posterityvia

Pharrell's hat is now headed for a museum

The Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood-designed headpiece is on its way to the Newseum in Washington DC

From this Friday, Pharrell's iconic hat will take up residence as an exhibit in the Newseum, Washington DC. First designed by Malcolm McLaren with his then-partner Vivienne Westwood, the hat's fortunes were single-handedly revived by Pharrell after he donned it for the Grammys.

By some estimates, it's one of this year's hugest success stories on social media – the scaled-up fedora that launched 100,000 tweets (and various own parody accounts). No surprise it's ended up behind glass. You can watch the official announcement here:

Fast-food chain Arby's stumped up the money for the hat after many compared Pharrell's headpiece to the restaurant's logo. After jokingly contacting Pharrell asking for their hat back, Pharrell challenged them to bid for it on eBay, where he was auctioning it for his children's charity From One Hand To Another. 

Arby's ended up paying $44,100 for the hat. Well played, Pharrell.

Now some higher-up at the fast food chain has realised that they can't pull it off as well as the ageless production wizard, so Arbys want to share it with the world. If you're in and around Washington DC, the hat is available for gawping at from August 22 until October 26.

Scott Williams, senior vice president of marketing at the Newseum told the Washington Post: "The stories visitors experience in the Newseum illustrate historic and contemporary moments as seen through the eyes of the media. Pharrell’s hat is a great addition to the Newseum and will serve as a great example of the impact of social media today.”

If there's anything at all you still don't know about Pharrell's hat, then head here to read this comprehensive secret history.