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Sibling SS15 Mens collections, Dazed backstage
Sibling SS15Photography Russ McClintock

Sibling SS15

A knitted love letter to outsider youths and mohawk misfits set to a Nirvana soundtrack

Initial reaction: 

Mohawk misfits in mega knits and punk crochet. Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates woke everyone up this morning with an energetic knitted love letter to outsider youths. Stomping down the runway in red masks and oversize black and white mohawks, they stuck two fingers to conformity in pierced double denim that looked as if it had once been studded, armour-like spiked hoodies and Mike Egan's dark cartoonish skulls. Spots and hair - two major teenage obsessions, as the trio pointed out - appeared throughout: the spots morphed into Sibling's signature leopard print on trousers worn under knitted punkish aprons while long tunics were sprouting strands of artificial hair.  

Teenage outcasts:

"The show was about what we see as the duty of every outcast teenager, to dress like an idiot. All that preening – when your skin is at its most beautiful you cake make up on it, when your hair is naturally glossy you hairspray it. And when people are sneering at you down the street, you’re thinking, ‘you just don’t get it’. You may actually look like an idiot, and that’s really what the last two looks were: ‘I am the bees knees, if you’re laughing, it’s your fault, you don’t get it’." – Joe Bates of Sibling 

Freaks unite:

Sent out to a thrashing mix of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round, the collection was titled The Fan Club after the name of a club Bates worked at during the eighties and nineties. "One of these clubs will be in every small city or town up and down the country, across the globe, where every oddity all huddle together and have a fabulous time, and it’s the best thing in the universe. They’re doing it right, everyone else is doing it wrong," Bates commented.

The soundtrack to Sibling SS15:

Last season Sibling played with voluminous knits, coal-black metallics and pimping fur. See it below: