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Exclusive: Gosha Rubchinskiy Mix

The designer explores his SS14 collection through sounds symptomatic of 90s rave mixed by Russian DJ, Zhit Vredno

Gosha Rubchinskiy’s work frequently explores the codes of youth. From post soviet Russia, to skateboarding and 90s Muscovite club culture, his work transcends beyond just a label thus becoming an expression of identity and voice through not just clothing, but also photography, design and music.

Rubchinskiy believes that an overlap between music and fashion is integral when working with youth codes and this is something he explored further when fashion platform oki-ni asked him to create an exclusive mix for their mix series, which expresses the ethos of his SS14 collection through sound. The obvious choice for Rubchinskiy was to team up with his Russian friend Nikita known as DJ ZHIT VREDNO and whilst ZHIT’s DJ name translates quite literally to “Harmful to Live”, his mix offers a cacophony of riotous rave, which is nothing but lively.

Channeling sounds symptomatic of the 90s rave genre favoured by ZHIT, along with the fusion of old school rave, modern hip-hop and electro music heard in Moscow’s underground, the mix is eclectic and effervescent. When asked where he suggests someone should listen to this mix, Rubchinskiy replies: “On a night car trip in Moscow’s Suburbs.” From the sounds of Humanoid, to Ceephax Acid Crew and Prodigy this mix is conductive of the 80s Soviet punk energy in Rubchinskiy’s SS14 collection.

Find out more over at oki-ni


S.A. 42 – “Carnaval”

TWO D.J.'s – “The Creation”

React 2 Rhythm – “Intoxication” (Clubfield Mix)

Hithouse – “Jack to the Sound of the Underground”

Humanoid – “Slam”

HOUSE PATROL – “A..c..i..d...12”

Kevin Irvine – “Ride The Rhythm”

Digital Boy – “Gimme a Fat Beat”

Beatmasters feat. the Cookie C – “Rok da house”

Fast Eddie – “(A3) Jack To The Sound”

LX – “Rhythm Party...Lx Rmx”


Adonis – “No Way Back”

Wood Allen – “Airport'89” (Club Mix)

Boys 4 Noize – “Acid Story”

Steve Poindexter – “Computer Madness”

The House Gang – “Cool J Trax”

T99 – “Anasthasia”

Ceephax Acid Crew – “Space Paranoia”

Ecstasy Club – “Jesus Loves the p.s.i. (the p.s.i. division retrofit)”

Mellow Trax – “Together”

Ceephax Acid Crew – “Parallax Drome”

Ceephax Acid Crew – “Russia”

Prodigy – “Out Of Space”

The mix will be available on oki-ni here.