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Jill Sander_AW14
Irina Liss (Monster) backstage at Jil Sander AW14Shot by Paolo Musa

Jil Sander AW14

A pastel perfection of tweeds woven with shimmering embellishment and heavy-soled brogues

TextSusie LauPhotographyPaolo Musa

Initial reaction:

A tender pastel-hued hug from a long lost friend. Colours looked like they had been dipped in chalk dust and white sand. It was a Farrow & Ball palette haven.  

In flux:

Dresses were deliberately bunched up at the front. Coats had their collars pushed up and their lapels pushed out as they shifted and morphed on the body. These clothes were in flux, much like the house itself after Jil’s third (and final) departure.   

Stand out looks:

Tweed gets techy as teensy tiny sparkly flowers are crushed and woven in to create dresses that wrapped their way around the body. It was an unexpected smattering of shimmer.     

How they wore it:

Down to earth. Shoes gave a solid foundation to these comfort-seekers with flat form soles and were the one touch of whimsy as they came in shades of pink, yellow, green and blue.  

Who’s next:

We knew Jil Sander wasn’t going to come out but people still peered into that gap at the corner of the runway. Whispers on the frow were about the fact that Katy England styled this particular show so a sea of change is clearly afoot. Now we wait for the arrival of a new creative director. 

Models: Irina Liss (@irinaliss), Ophelie Guillermand (@ophelieguillermand), Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun), Nicole Keimig (@NicoleKeimig), Larissa Marchiori, Eva Berzina (@evaberzina), Ieva Palionyte (@palionytee), Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Alisa Ahmann (@alisaahmann), Valeriya Makarova (@vimakarova), Harleth Kuusik (@harlethkuusik), Julia Nobis, Kate Goodling (@kategoodling1), Elodia Prieto (@Elodiaprieto), Emma Waldo (@waldoemma), Anna Ewers (@waldoemma), Kai Newman