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Irene Hiemstra (DNA Models) backstage at Roberto Cavalli AW14Shot by Paolo Musa

Roberto Cavalli AW14

Through Dante's Inferno in flame-licked fur, exotic Cavalli skins and mystical prints

TextSusie LauPhotographyPaolo Musa

Initial reaction:

Fashion is burning up. It was an entranced seance where girls were playing with fire in furs, skins and mystical prints.  

The set:

A circular fountain, spotlit in blue. Some of us thought we were in for a serene show. The explosions of flames popping up put paid to that. The ring of fire seemed to get more intense as the show went on with the strong smell of gas permeating the room.  You wondered how the girls were bearing up with their fire blanket ponchos and fox fur collars.    

Stand out looks:

The Inferno flame-hued passage where you couldn't figure out where print ended and fur began. It's where we really got hot underneath the collar.  

How they wore it: 

A wet look bun as though the girls had just been inside a sauna. No perspiration on their brows though, despite their proximity to the fire. These girls don't break a sweat.  

Cavalli's Cane: 

Roberto Cavalli walked out with a bedazzled cane. You could spot it from across the ring of fire, sparkling with defiance, like the passage of flapper beaded dresses.  

Models: Irene Hiemstra (@irenehiemstra_x), Devon Windsor (@devwindsor), Mariana Santana (@mariaanasantana), Sabrina Ioffreda, Joan Smalls (@Joansmalls), Mckenna Bird (@mckennamariebird), Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun), Sophie Touchet, Binx Walton (@waltonleona), Charlotte Lindvig (@CharlotteLindvig), Josepine Van Delden (@josephinevandelden), Josephine Le Tutour (@JosephineLT_), Sasha Luss (@RealSashaLuss), Feng Qi Wen, Ondria Hardin (@IamOndriaHardin), Ola Rudnicka, Anna Ewers (@AnNaEwers), Ashleigh Good (@ashinstagood), Waleska Gorczevski (@Waleskagorczevski), Sung Hee Kim (@kimssung2), Lexi Boling (@lexiboling), Ronja Furrer (@furrerronja), Nika Cole, Charlene Hoegger.