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Photography by Lea Colombo

Thom Browne SS14

Wild-eyed Havishams tangled in pearls stumble through Thom Browne's couture insanity

Initial reaction:

One Flew Over The Hand-Beaded Couture Cuckoos Nest.


A multi-room mental hospital, with white padded walls and hanging headless mannequins.

Show delay:

Time ticked away under the flickering hanging light bulbs; each time the creepy music loop would end, show goers clapped, hoping it would bring on the start. All it brought was their own 45-minute descent into insanity.

So keep them sweet:

White M&M’s served in tiny plastic cups like pills in a hospital.

Unexpected details:

Two feathered birds perched on the edge of a bodice, rubber wings with lace appliqué and undulating barnacles growing out from dresses.


Acrylic fingernails glued to the ends of elbow-length rubber gloves, and electroshock hair tucked neatly into hairnets dotted with pearls.


Bjork's Oh So Quiet, shhh shhh.

Walk the walk:

Models hobbled with glazed looks of contrition in restrictive bodices and skirts.


"This is insane!"

Least likely to:

Be forgotten.

Models: Akuol De Mabior, Jana Wirth (@wirthjana), Kayla Clarke, Natalie Keyser, Simone Carvalho, Suzanna M, Suzane M, Karla, Bara Holotova, Sharam Diniz (@sharamdiniz), Tabea Kobach, Pauline Hoarau (@PaulineHoarau), Alyona Subbotina (@alenas1302), Myf Sheperd (@myfmars), Talia, Kaila Hart, Monika, Paulina Kube (@paulinakube), Clarice Vitkauskas (@clarice_vit), Nina, Sissi Hou, Xiowmeng Huang, Dakota, Jessica P, Hildie Gifstad (@hildiegifstad), Agata, Taya E, Marcele Dal Cortivo, Li Wei, Ksenia Novoselova, Isaac, Jenna Klein, Karley Parker (@karleyparker), Thais Oliveira (@thaisoliveirapa), Zuri Tibby (@zuritibby), Monika B, Oxana, Tati, Grace Bol.