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Photography by Lea Colombo


Karlie Kloss in neon orange leads the DKNY gang to the sound of the Beastie Boys

Initial Reaction:

Donna goes to Brooklyn.


Urban gang culture, workout gear and street art.

Strongest look:

Karlie Kloss in a neon orange evening dress that appeared to drape without straps.

Unexpected details:

Neoprene jackets, bandana paisley prints and branded 3D DKNY visors.

Viral moment:

Rita Ora dancing down the runway to the Beastie Boys.


Run DMC's "Walk This Way" and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys

Most likely to:

Further reassert DKNY as a youth culture fixture.


Cedar Lake on W 26th Street, with runway appearing from an outdoor tent on the street.

Runway innovation:

Models were filmed walking down the runway and projected onto two giant screens, making up for a small venue.

Set Design:

Giant DKNY statue daubed in Williamsburg bridge-esque graffiti.