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KIDDA Christopher Shannon
Photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Exclusive: KIDDA Christopher Shannon AW13

Playing with distortion and photocopying, Shannon talks us through his manifesto

Christopher Shannon is on fire. After storming London with his SS14 collection, which paid homage to the super club scenes in Manchester and Liverpool through translucent neon latex, liberty art prints and glitter covered hair, he now reveals his AW13 KIDDA collection exclusively on Dazed. Working with photographer Oliver Pearch, Shannon sort to manipulate the traditional associations of a fashion lookbook by obsessively photocopying and distorting his own images. 

Dazed Digital: What inspired the Kidda AW13 collection and what are your favourite pieces?

Christopher Shannon: I forget about it a bit until it starts to go into stores. It’s nice to have a break, then see it again and realise that you’re still into it.  We wanted it to be less logo based and have an overall pattern feel. I had the image of a mountain in my head and the other idea came from a bowl my parents bought me from morocco, it’s something quite traditional that has a graphic element I thought we could translate. I really love the shirt with the mountain sleeve, which ended up being the best seller and also seeing the mountain sweat pieces worn in a full look is strong.

DD: Who did you work with on the lookbook and can you tell us about manipulating the photos – what sort of feeling did you want?

Christopher Shannon: I worked with photographer Oliver Pearch. He works in quite a loose way, which was perfect because I knew I wanted it to feel quite rough in parts and then quite clean in others. We started to try different photocopiers in the area, which became quite an obsessive thing, taking photos of the images then enlarging them and then shrinking them back down on the photocopier.  I’m so done with endless retouching and chasing the usual campaign mood, I wanted the images to feel like someone had touched them and been considerate without being too precious.

DD: Any great memories from the shoot?

Christopher Shannon: We worked with James Edkins who was a street cast from one of our shows. It was good to get him in a shoot environment instead of the catwalk, he did really well and was super easy to try different ideas with.

DD: Kidda gets your ethos out into the world in a bigger, more direct way. Where have been the best places you've seen people in the clothes?

Christopher Shannon: I'm starting to see it more and more especially with Instagram. I see loads of people taking selfies etc.… I had a bit of a harsh day at the studio the other day, on the bus home someone got on in a Kidda t-shirt and that took the edge off a bit. It's nice seeing it out and about in the sunshine.