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Karlie Kloss at IMG, @karliekloss & Herieth Paul at Women, @HeriethPaulPhotography courtesy of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney AW13

McCartney keeps it laid back amidst the grandeur of the Opera Garnier

The invitation for the Stella McCartney show was a plastic polar bear stuck on a photograph of an iceberg. It didn’t initially clue us into the show, which began with pinstripe looks on exaggerated tailoring with flared-out asymmetry and a high-low sporty mix-up. But polar bear-fleece esque textures did gradually start to be introduced in a fleecy tracksuit set, restricted arm wrap polonecks and in the way the tartan needle printed wools and needle-punched denim, looked deliberately fuzzy and faded. A curious skater collage print underlined McCartney’s sportswear influences that always prevent her clothes from looking too precious. When it came to evening wear, as slubby sweatshirts crept into lace-skirts and cloquet jacquards were used to tailor sleek silhouettes with repositioned lapels, there was still something quite casually nonchalant about it all. Exactly McCartney’s remit.

Hair: Eugene Souleiman

Makeup: Pat McGrath

Models pictured: Joan Smalls-@joansmalls, Martha Hunt-@iammarthahunt, Karlie Kloss-@karliekloss, Herieth Paul-@HeriethPaul, Nadja Bender-@NadjaBender, Ava Smith-@Avakattos, Arizona Muse-@AMuseMe_Now