Chloë Sevigny: Where's Bambi?

William Strobeck creates a film of highlights from Sevigny's Opening Ceremony collection

William Strobeck cut his teeth making skate films on a camcorder as a teenager. His authentic style is visibly shaped by that lineage; raw, instinctive and uninhibited. The New York-based director has collaborated with friend Chloë Sevigny on a short celebrating Sevigny's Opening Ceremony collection archive, a re-released wardrobe of greatest hits, from leopard knits to grunge florals. Dazed Digital caught up with Strobeck to learn more.

Dazed Digital: Skateboarding set you on your journey as a filmmaker. How else has it shaped your life?
William Strobeck:
Well, it's made me more tolerant of kids. I've travelled the world and seen a lot of things in the past 15 years that I wouldnt have if I didn't get into it. I basically fell into fun.

DD: Do you remember when you first met Chloë?
William Strobeck:
Yes, I don't even know if she will remember this but one day about 10 years ago at Tompkins Square Park there were like 10 friends sitting on the benches in a row. So I went down the line saying hello to each person and the very last person at the end was Chloë. I said, "Hi, you're real pretty." Straight out the gate.

DD: You describe her opening look in the video as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. How would you like to see her dress?
William Strobeck:
Yeah, I said that at the beginning of the edit because she had a resemblance in my brain to Kurt Cobain with the cardigan and her hair when she was looking down. That was just us bro'ing down, that just came to my mind at that second. The girl can wear whatever she wants, I've seen her in all types of gear, leather straps, and ripped shirts.. She can always pull it off. I like when she slicks her hair back, it makes her look tough.

DD: What's coming up next?
William Strobeck:
You'll see. What's coming up next is a secret.