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EXCLUSIVE: Meadham Kirchhoff Menswear S/S13

Collection hairstylist James Pecis talks cut and colour sessions after a night out...

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

Meadham Kirchhoff turned the grandiose setting of Carlton Gardens, a short walk from Buckingham Palace, into a squat of pretty, discordant boys. Hairstylist James Pecis talks attitude and the look...

"The boys for this show should look as if they went out for a night of fun and ended the night with haircuts and colour at 4am at one of their flats. The cuts are choppy and maybe the boys had a loss of interest before the cut was finished.... (Not done by hairdressers). The colour is patchy and applied over natural hair colours. This is to create a muddier stain on the hair and skin instead of that "perfect" shade of blue or pink which would be done in the salon. I wanted to have colour but move away from the perfectly executed color that we have seen a lot of over the last few seasons.

It is interesting how hard it is to forget what you have been taught. I think this sometimes takes more thought and effort than doing a trendy, contemporary look. Each boy is an individual for Meadham Kirchhoff and we used Fudge colour products to achieve the 'bathroom 4am colour session' look. The Fudge color is applied as if you were to throw mud-pies at a wall. I sprayed water on the skin around the edges to encourage the color to run down the neck. I also added water to the fudge colors and dipped parts of the boys hands to stain them. This was part of the 'bathroom 4am color session' that was done without gloves.

Meadham Kirchhoff understands dreaming and youth. Some of the boys in this show were street cast for their individuality. Hermes (who opened the show) inspired me by his true and honest livelihood. He changes his hair weekly and is more creative than 99.9% of hairdressers I know. He is pure with his style because there are no rules or normalities he feels the need to follow. This is the spirit of Meadham Kirchhoff.

Forget what you know and what you see. Cut your friends hair... Cut your own hair. Dye it. Do it and experiment with out trying to get that 'perfectly' done look. Find something new."

Text and behind-the-scenes photography James Pecis