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Guess Who's Turned 30?

The brand celebrates 30 years of iconic campaigns featuring iconic women

GUESS celebrate 30 years of iconic campaigns this year. Iconic females Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta, Juliette Lewis, Mandy Smith, Anna Nicole Smith and Claudia Schiffer have been amongst the talent fronting cinematic ads, clad in the triangle-badged glamour-denim the brand is synonymous with. Schiffer has in fact appeared twice, launching her career with the visuals in 1989 and coming back in 2012, 23 years later, to celebrate. Dazed Digital caught up with GUESS CEO and creative director, Paul Marciano to talk art direction and an eye for casting, showcasing clips from GUESS's archive.

It is difficult to pick just one but if I must choose, some of my favourites are from the Viareggio photo shoot I did with Ellen Von Unwerth featuring Claudia Schiffer back in 1989

Dazed Digital: How have GUESS's visuals developed over the years?
Paul Marciano:
The GUESS advertising campaigns are a very important part of the brand’s history. I am very passionate about them and many of the best campaigns are shot in black and white because I wanted to refer to my memories of the 50s and 60s black and white movies that have inspired me since a very early age. I wanted to create iconic images that will last forever. Movie Stars that have influenced me include Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe and my ultimate style icon is Sophia Loren. She is so elegant and her beauty is timeless. I can today sum up the creation and development over the 30 years of the brand’s campaigns in three words; wonder, passion and freedom. One of the earliest shoots I did in 1982 was with Wayne Maser, who began doing fashion photography with GUESS, in magnificent Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was great fun in that rural open landscape and we had no boundaries at all. This allowed us to create an original concept with total freedom of style and photography. My passion and philosophy behind the campaigns has never changed over 30 years and it will not change even in the future.

DD: Can you tell us about the Guess lifestyle?
Paul Marciano:
GUESS is a global lifestyle brand that is sexy, fun and adventurous. The essence of the look is Californian chic with a European twist and sophistication. It is a timeless, sexy femininity that will still be in 5, 10, 50 years to come. Of course over the past 30 years we have seen many trends and inspirations but when you are a brand, you have to be consistent. At GUESS we make clothes and accessories that make a woman feel beautiful, sophisticated and confident. This has never changed and will never change.

DD: GUESS’s campaigns have gone on to become iconic visuals. What have been your favourites?
Paul Marciano:
Throughout my career I have had the incredible luck to find the most amazing models that ultimately became stars in the fashion world. All of my models are hand-selected by me looking at photos because I like to see the chemistry between a model and a camera. All my campaigns are shot to capture a beauty that transcends time and there are so many of the GUESS images that I really love, it is difficult to pick just one but if I must choose, some of my favourites are from the Viareggio photo shoot I did with Ellen Von Unwerth featuring Claudia Schiffer back in 1989.

GUESS 1986-1988
Desert (based on the movie 'Misfits'), 1986
Picture Show (based on the movie 'The Last Picture Show'), 1987
Paparazzi, starring Mandy Smith, 1988

GUESS 1996
Cheat, starring Juliette Lewis, 1996
Mambo, starring Julia Valet, 1996