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M·A·C: Scene & Spotted

With their ongoing project, the cosmetic brand aim to explore even more cities to discover their unique cultural influences on current global trends

Delving deep into an internationally diverse array of fresh new cities leading a global cultural charge, is about discovering underground movements across music, fashion, art, photography and film from homegrown communities re-imagining exciting new creative forms. The freshest cities in the world are not necessarily the usual triumvirate of London, New York, Paris... or even Tokyo, Milan, Berlin. Immerse yourself in cities where their rampant youth culture has absorbed global inspiration, spitting it back out via a city-wide remix.

M·A·C’s Scene & Spotted project has previously explored the likes of Shanghai, Copenhagen and Rio and has now launched a brand new site that checks out the most exciting emerging trends in Seoul, Moscow, Munich, Istanbul and Santiago, through the eyes of our trusty city editors. M·A·C Scene & Spotted links these global trends with beauty forecasting, showing you an insight into these creative hubs, exploring how fashion, music, art and beauty, make up each city’s distinctive cultural DNA. 

Seoul, South Korea
Vivienne Baek is the editor of Another Magazine Korea and leads us through the digital realms of Seoul where the city’s youth are celebrating a new found embrace of local creative thinkers, from the local indie rock movement to the rise in independent publishing.

Moscow, Russia
DJ, fashion journalist and founder of Fashioncollector, Olga Bohan is a Moscow style maven exploring a modern Russia where abandoned factories are being transformed into creative clusters, supporting Moscow’s avant-garde fashion, art and music scenes.

Munich, Germany
Against a traditional Bavarian backdrop, Munich’s Sylvia Paula Weber is a stylist, journalist, Satellite Voices city editor and the co-founder of the celebrated Pale fashion blog, guiding us through the city’s cultural collisions, from underground galleries to breakthrough fashion labels such as Beastin and A Kind of Guise.

Istanbul, Turkey
Whilst over in Istanbul, editorial director of the art, design and culture magazine Default, Bugu Melis Caglayan celebrates her burgeoning cultural industry, where East meets West and twisted and androgynous fashion sits side-by-side a more playful, graphics-led approach.

Santiago, Chile
And lastly we’re whisked away to Santiago by Majo Arevalo, where the founder of the city’s most popular street style site Viste la Calle takes us on a tour of the Latin American hotbed whose feverish new electro scene and DIY art movement is bubbling in the cut. 

M·A·C Scene & Spotted launches on 18th October, 2011