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Medwinds' Mediterranean Style

A perfect merging of business and design makes for classic shapes and understated tones for the Spanish label

Medwind’s attitude to business and design are at opposite ends of the spectrum. While their clothing consists of classic shapes in subdued tones and organic fabrics, the Spanish unisex label’s decision to function purely online (passing the distribution saving onto its customers) is refreshingly progressive. According to the founder, Lorenzo Fluxa Orti, the brand’s overall aesthetic focuses on the Mediterranean‘s laid back sense of style, but this season sees them confidently launch into A/W with a touch of the late 1930s – through a series of no gimmick cardigans, shirts and simple tees. We caught up with Orti to find out a little more…

Dazed Digital: Can you explain a little bit about how the brand came about?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti:
 We have a background in fashion business with decades of experience. Internet and e-commerce is the present and the future and our aim is to be there with something exciting. That’s why we created, a pioneering lifestyle brand only available online. By selling online we can not only reach all the corners of the world but also offer consumers high quality designs at great prices.

DD: How has the character of the Mediterranean influenced your collection?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti: 
We are a group of friends born and raised in different parts of the Med, from Barcelona, Mallorca, Italy, etc. The Mediterranean is incredibly rich and diverse and we try our best to reflect these elements in our designs, our collections and in the essence of the brand.

DD: Why did you decide to make both men’s and women's wear?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti:
 Both men and women live in and travel to the Med and enjoy our premium lifestyle, from landscapes, food, culture, music, party, etc. So it felt only natural to us to design for both men and women.

DD: How do you feel your colour palette has been influenced by the ethos of your brand?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti:
 Very much so. We use a lot of natural colours, the ones that nature offers us constantly.

DD: Were there any moments in the design process that were particularly exciting/memorable?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti:
 I remember the first Medwind’s prototype, the first ever sample. We keep it like a treasure.

DD: What do you consider to be the stand out pieces of the collection?
Lorenzo Fluxa Orti:
 For men’s we have great shirts and sweatshirts as well as a strong footwear collection. For women’s, blouses and dresses are quite successful but our bags and shoes are amazing in my modest opinion.