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Dior Womenswear S/S12

Bill Gaytten holds the fort at Dior whilst the future of Galliano's successor is soon to be determined

The impatience of wanting to see the issue of John Galliano's successor resolved as soon as possible was matched by the audience's flustered heat levels inside the tent at the Musee Rodin for the Dior show.  It's plain to see that Bill Gaytten is undertaking Dior as best as he can to usher in the new creative director and it is likely that the direction was to paint Dior by numbers.  Still, when we're talking about round shouldered coats, nipped in waists and flared out skirts - the New Look updated with fabric choices, it doesn't seem so bad to have Gaytten taking hold of the reins temporarily. 

Tomato red, pretty monochrome rose prints, crazy tiling applique pep up the prettiness that was abound at Dior.  Flowing chiffon gowns revealing legs and lace make for a finale that have mass appeal as well as harking back to the romance of Dior under Galliano.  Considering the situation, Gaytten has done the smart thing and played it safe for the time being, pleasing existing Dior customers and hopefully ready to usher in a new era at Dior.