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Sister by Sibling S/S12

Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery's first womenswear collection looked towards seaside funfairs for inspiration

PhotographyEric Oliveira

Taking inspiration from the seaside and all the fun of the fair, the waltzers and more specifically, the boys with tattoos that spin the waltzers, this season saw the first womens collection from East London's knitwear trio, Sibling, comprised of Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. Still focused on a sense of humour as the core element to the brand, albeit a dark sense of humour, this collection is very much about moving over from menswear to womenswear but not offering the Sibling girl something that is too masculine. The skulls and the graphics are still there, but this time its with a bit more of a wry smile and offers the new customers a slightly softer version of what the label offers to its men.

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration this season?
Joe Bates: It was about the fun fair coming to town, about young fun teenage girls trying to impress rough boys.

DD: Is that a personal tale?
Joe Bates: Maybe. Everyone has got that memory of being young and going to the fair. I just remember girls standing around the edge of the Waltzers in their long leather coats with the belt tied at the back looking hard as nails, and me being in awe.

DD: What are the key pieces for you?
Joe Bates: All the fair ground elements are in there so we have the tattoo embroidered elements, and then the hot dog signage and the humour of that, they are some of my favourites. A real strand out is the knit tee with the full front print graphic. The print is actually taken from an old image that I found, which completely sums up the collection for me. The girl looking longingly at the boy, but the boy being much more focused on looking good in the picture.

DD: What was it about the fair that really inspired you?
Joe Bates: Well, the imagery of the fair is something that I have always personally adored. I actually have a couple of waltzer tattoos and other fairground motifs. For us its about keeping everything really fun and positive, so if even some of the graphics, like the skulls, are a bit dark it is all to have a positive edge.