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Kipling's Monkey Mash-Up Competition Winner

We announce the winner of the monkey mash-up competition where creatives were invited to makeover their mascot

In May 2011, the iconic Belgian label Kipling launched their ‘Monkey Mash-Up’ project, inviting people to get creative and customise the brand's monkey mascot. To kick off the project, Kipling teamed up with Dazed & Confused, challenging three talented Londoners to give their monkey a design makeover including Susie Bubble of Stylebubble, Alex Brownsell of eccentric colour salon Bleach and comic book artist/illustrator Jessica PenfoldAfter touring all Selfridges' stores these unique artist designed monkeys, along with four others were auctioned for charity and all proceeds were donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. At the same time, Kipling launched an online competition to invite consumers to submit their own mashed up monkey designs to be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes. One overall winner was picked from the top five most voted for designs. Dazed speaks to the winner, Textiles designer Caroline Carrig, about her entry and her previous work elsewhere...

Dazed Digital: What was the first thing you did when you found out you won?
Caroline Carrig: I went straight on Facebook to thank everyone that took the time to vote. It was very much appreciated!
DD: Describe your winning design?
Caroline Carrig: I am always inclined to work with an assortment of shapes but through its placement, create recognisable forms like a face in this design. Colour and surface is also very important and I wanted the final result to look like a glossy sweet.
DD: What's the inspiration behind your design?
Caroline Carrig: My inspiration was work I often refer to. Firstly, Gary Hume’s Hospital Door series especially for the colours and glossy surface and secondly, Alexander Girard’s wooden dolls. Each one has such personality and are so charming. My aim is to collect them all.
DD: Why did the competition particularly relate to you/what you want to do?
Caroline Carrig: I am a textile designer and am constantly working with shapes and engineering them on the body so this was just a different type of body, albeit one with a rather large head and long arms…

DD: What Kipling product have you chosen as part of your prize and why?
Caroline Carrig: I’m holding out for the new Kipling and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac collaboration that I haven’t even seen yet but I know I will like! Also I would quite like to get a set of matching luggage - seems like a grown up thing to have!

Photography by Craig Thomas