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Band of Outsiders S/S12

At Pitti Uomo in Florence, Dazed caught up with Scott Sternberg who told us how corny old musicals and early 80s sportswear inspired the latest collection

Known for elaborate shows (in NYC this February, models were lowered in SWAT-style from the ceiling), Scott Sternberg and his Band of Outsiders have a lot to live up to. But, as part of an All Star American invasion of Pitti in Florence (with Rodarte), Sternberg certainly rose to the occasion and raised the bar for next year. Having already divulged his current obsession with old school musicals at a press view earlier in the day, many had some idea of what to come. In the end, the camp dance moves of the modelling dancers topped all expectations.

Living out a corny Grease-style musical, the models wore what Band of Outsiders do best; wearable and functional yet luxurious everyday clothes. Sternberg mixed in a few more formal elements - especially for the girls - but generally it was all about denim and chinos. His classic button-down shirts, anoraks, polo shirts and double breasted jackets dominated, often in colourful green, yellow and red shades. The girls played more with silhouettes; skin tight skirts versus over sized jackets etc. A few floral dresses brought out the more casual looks within the Girl line as well. And a section of all-white outfits - on both girls and boys - testified to a more directional design tone in the main line as well. Dazed sat next to Scott's mum and dad. They, just like everyone else, loved it...

Dazed Digital: What inspired this collection?
Scott Sternberg:
The starting point was all of these old musicals, and enjoying that kind of visual music; the corniness, the silliness and the technicolour. The way they dressed, a little too dapper and a little to polished. I was also looking towards early 80s American sportswear references, like windbreakers using a strange waxed cotton.

DD: What's your favourite musical?
Scott Sternberg:
Visually it must be 'Singing in the Rain' and 'West Side Story'... 

DD: Fabrics seem to be a focus point for this collection...
Scott Sternberg:
Yes, it always is... like this piké fabric for example, it's super light, half of its normal weight.

DD: Did showing Florence inspire you in any way?
Scott Sternberg:
Yes, in the sense that we had to make a leap between what we are and what people think we are, we had to fill a gap.

DD: What's the difference between your Boy and Girl lines?
Scott Sternberg:
Girl is much more feminine, soft and drapey. Girl is contemporary market price point, and Boy is more designer market price point. But its not a cheaper version of Boy, the idea was to make something totally different, more American sportswear.

DD: Is there a piece that stands out for you?
Scott Sternberg:
There's a seersucker dress with a white shirt attached to it that I love. It so much work to get something like that to work in terms of silhouettes and fabrics.