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Chloë Sevigny / Opening Ceremony Resort 2011

The actress took her collection for the NYC store in a new direction this week with Victorian streetwear through 19th century silhouettes and laser-cut leather camisoles

On Tuesday evening in New York, actress Chloë Sevigny presented her version of Victorian streetwear; 19th century silhouettes met contemporary construction, shifting between breezy, bold, graphic and frilly while keeping proportions smart. Laser-cut leather camisole and bustier tops with tight, bustled miniskirts were a sexy, but updated, take on Old World femininity. Mix in a Vision Street Wear sponsorship and the whole idea became a little clearer in that Cool Girl 90s Casual Throwback Moiré Beret kinda way. Dazed caught up with Sevigny backstage...

Dazed Digital: What were the inspirations for the collection?
Sevigny: My friends, a lot of undergarments and just things that I like to wear. It was a really selfish collection; just a lot of things I wanted to have made. I'm really into eyelets, I've been collecting Victorian pieces since I was 19 and have always wanted to do something playing with that. So we decided to do it in the laser cut out.

DD: Where would this resort be taking place? Is there a setting?
Chloë Sevigny: I don't really play by those rules. I know it's going to hit stores in November, so I thought if people went on holiday there are pieces that they could wear in the warm weather, but it's also November/December coming up so they can wear the other pieces in colder weather as well. I'm thinking more about the person going into the store, not whether it's resort or not.

DD: Did you have any particular people or style icons in mind?
Chloë Sevigny: Liz Goldwyn, a friend of mine who is one of my style icons. I was thinking of her a lot when I was making all the pieces. She loves to wear underwear as outerwear so I had her in mind.