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Stone Island's Heat Reactive Jacket

As we talk to the label's creative director Carlo Rivetti about his colour-changing clothing, we offer you a chance to walk away with one of these sartorial bad boys

Stone Island is famous for many things one of which is their never-ending strive to expand, explore and generally just push the boundaries in fabric development. The research going into the Italian label's material makes the brand, in creative director Carlo Rivetti's words, 90% science-focused. The rest is just dedicated to make you look good while rocking the latest in crystal heat-sensitive coated clothing. A prime example of this is Rivetti's Heat Reactive Jacket. Changing colour from black to green at a certain degree, the jacket combines fashion's sense of fun with Stone Island's dedication and experimental take on functionality. To make things even better, Dazed Digital has been gifted with a jacket (Size Large) to give away... more info underneath our Q&A with Carlo Rivetti...

Dazed Digital: What exactly is it in the fabric that makes it change colour?
Carlo Rivetti: It’s a liquid crystal heat-sensitive coating. Beginning at 27°C, the molecules within the coating undergo a rotation, modifying the light course. As a result the colour of the garment gradually begins to morph from the dark colour of the surface coating to the much lighter and brighter colour of the fabric base. When the garment returns to normal temperature, it recovers its original dark coating colour.

DD: How much of Stone Island is fashion and how much is science?
Carlo Rivetti: The culture of research and experimentation, together with function and use are the matrixes that have always defined Stone Island. Fashion is not really relevant for me, my priority has always been to create great product. Research and treatments on fabric are the most important to me - fabrics are designed and take life, body, opacity or shine, depth, gradations, and more unexpected aspects through the complete knowledge of our Research and Development team and of our Colour Laboratory. Lets’ say technology is 90%; the 10% is not fashion, but the desire to create an appealing garment.

DD: Has Stone Island always been about functionality?
Carlo Rivetti: Yes! Stone Island is inspired by the study of functions in uniforms and work wear, and of their evolution according to new requirements of use. Since the very beginning, from the first fabric we used, we have always thought about functionality. A garment has to fulfill the everyday use that it was meant for – this incorporates protection, engineered shape, pockets and other features. It has to be ‘handsome’, representative ‘of’ or ‘for’ its wearer. Let’s say that Stone Island’s aim is defining a project in which the garment’s function is never just aesthetic. We talk to real men, and real men want functionality.

DD: Is there a functional purpose for the Heat Reactive Jacket?
Carlo Rivetti: Well, the point we started from is active camouflage. A garment that changes according to its environment. The Ghost pieces in the collection are also based on the concept of camouflage, but in a different way: they are totally monochromatic. Even their Stone Island badges have been created in special mono-colour versions to blend with the garments.

DD: What’s next for you and for Stone Island?
Carlo Rivetti: Stone Island is nearly 30 years old. The talent we expressed so far through our product, research and development and colour lab teams, not forgetting the production team that implements the processes on a larger scale is impressive, in fact we are not even fully aware of how far we can reach, because we are totally immersed in the everyday process of inventing, experimenting and problem solving. The starting point is the drive, the passion we put in what we do as well as the deep insight always geared to outperform ourselves: pushing the pedal, yes, but also building on our heritage. Let’s see what’s next!

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