Country Music

Luke Gilford, National Anthem
Art & PhotographyQueer rodeo portraits that challenge American myths of masculinity
Lil Nas X – autumn 2019 8
MusicLil Nas X says he’ll return to ‘cowboy era’ after his ‘gay era’ is over
Sam McKinniss, “Dolly Parton with kitten” (2021)
Art & PhotographySam McKinniss explores country music’s allure with Dolly Parton art
Paisley Fields ‘Stay Away From My Man’ 1
MusicPaisley Fields is the fearless country artist queering cowboy culture
Dolly Parton
MusicDolly Parton weighs in on plans for a statue of her in Tennessee Capitol
Lavender Country 3
MusicOrville Peck meets queer country pioneer Lavender Country
Lil Nas X – autumn 2019 8
MusicThe story of Lil Nas X, a country-trap cowboy born online
Lil Nas X
Dazed 100Lil Nas X is the rap star who shot to fame at lightspeed
MusicDaughn Gibson: American Dream
Arts+CultureAnother Hell, starring Daughn Gibson