beauty laid bare documentary make-up industry
Beauty Laid Bare is the doc exposing uncomfortable beauty industry truths
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Selfridges says goodbye to all plastic-based glitter
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2019 was the year we put anything and everything on our faces
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Look after your skin and the ocean simultaneously with One Ocean Beauty
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If you care about the planet, you need to know about haircare brand Oway
Lindsey Wixon glitter look by Isamaya
Guilt-free glitter: Eco alternatives that shine without hurting the planet
Beach Clean
Selfridges is removing all plastic-based beauty wipes from its stores
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How to swap out your single-use beauty products and save the planet
DAME has just become the world’s first climate-positive period brand
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SUSTBeauty is your new favourite destination for sustainable beauty brands
Climate Crisis
Lush is closing its doors in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike
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Campaigners demand government provide students plastic-free period products
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Beauty tips for Glastonbury that don’t include cultural appropriation
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Today is Plastic-Free Beauty Day, here’s how to celebrate
Charlotte Tilbury launch re-fillable lipsticks for new Hot Lips collection
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Sustainable lipstick brand La Bouche Rouge becomes even more eco-friendly
Glossier finally responds to calls for sustainable packaging
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Here are the best eco-friendly products to help you go green this Earth Day
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DAME is the tampon brand helping you cut down on single-use plastic
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The best 7 shampoo bars
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Beauty products you can refill, reuse and recycle
Bioglitz is the sustainable glitter brand on a mission
Bioglitz is the sustainable glitter brand on a mission to save the world
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Unilever’s gift to the planet is new sustainable packaging
Citarum River, Indonesia
Lush to open their first packaging-free store in the UK