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Mardi Pieronek Mardi Pieronek
Beauty FeatureWhat it was like to physically transition in the 80s
Beauty FeatureThis Rent-A-Wig service is making high-quality wigs accessible to everyone
Beyonce all night haircare brand
Beauty FeatureCan we trust Black celebrity haircare brands like Beyoncé’s?
Kim Kardashian contour snatched
Beauty FeatureThe age of the snatched face is over
Bella Hadid stretchy black headband sleuth status symbol
Beauty SchoolHow the black headband became a sleuth status symbol
Elliot Page for Gucci Guilty
Beauty FeatureElliot Page: ‘For the first time, I feel at home in myself’
Hailey Bieber rhode skincare
Beauty FeatureHailey Bieber: ‘I’m just a woman who’s infatuated by beauty’
Kristen Dunst in Virgin Suicides (1999) dimples
Beauty FeatureHow far would you go to get dimples?
The Craft: Legacy (2020). Film Still
Beauty FeatureWhy trans people are finding power and place in witchcraft
First Wives Club 1996 lip filler
Beauty Feature‘It’s ruined my life’: why dissolving filler isn’t as simple as it seems
Beauty_GAN x Dazed Beauty collaboration
Beauty FeatureAI machine learning TikTok filters are causing errors in our brains
Performer and aerialist Farrell Cox
Beauty FeatureThe hidden dangers of beauty treatments on darker skin
Beauty FeatureMunroe Bergdorf: ‘Equality always wins in the end’
The next generation of henna artists
Beauty FeatureThe new generation of artists giving henna a modern twist
Ephemeral Tattoo made to fade two years later
Beauty FeatureMade to fade? Two years later my Ephemeral tattoo isn’t so temporary
Swarm dre eating junk food after murder
Beauty FeatureHow the horror genre subverts toxic ideas around women and food
Daisy jones and the six modern iphone face
Beauty Feature‘Smartphone face’: why do some people look more modern than others?
Tooth gems by Graciella Masterton
Beauty FeatureHow Graciella Masterton’s butterfly tooth gems took over LA
Alens outer space skincare
Beauty FeatureHow space became the final frontier for beauty
Steel Magnolias film still (1989)
Brief HistoryThe enduring fantasy of beauty salons in cult film
Sharon Tate With Pills In 'Valley of the Dolls'
Brief HistoryOzempic and the dark history of weight-loss drugs
Cryo chamber
Tried and TestedWe spent 3 minutes in a -110C cryo chamber in the name of wellness
Beauty FeatureToonophilia: meet the people in sexual relationships with cartoons
Celebrity fragrances of the early aughts
In Defence OfBring back celebrity fragrances!