Beauty School
History of piercings
A brief history of piercings and their controversial beginnings
E-girl Beauty
A little bit bondage, a little bit baby: E-girl make-up and hair explained
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What is Jamsu? The K-Beauty trend of dunking your made-up face in water
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History buzzcut
A cultural history of the buzzcut
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Witchypedia: a beginner’s guide to everything magick
Kim Kardashian-West butt
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Photography Ashley Armitage
What your menstrual cycle says about you according to the moon
How baby curls became a vehicle for creative expression
What’s the big deal about ponytails?
Pamela Anderson
A brief history of boob jobs
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How to tailor your beauty routine according to your rising sign
Anthon Raimund: 100 years of beauty
100 years of beauty: a guide by Anthon Raimund
Emilia Ortiz
Emilia Ortiz’s guide to finding your spiritual mentor
Billy Rae Cyrus
A brief history of the mullet
Dakota Fanning
A brief history of how teeth have been represented in pop culture
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The little known wellness benefits of house plants
A guide to beauty hangover hacks, by Anthon Raimund