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Maya Foxman sephora eyeliner
Maya FoxmanCourtesy of the writer. Photography Matt Weinberger

This affordable liquid eyeliner will give you wings

Dazed’s Maya Foxman shares why she always goes back to Sephora high-precision brush

This is Product of the Week – a weekly round-up of the Dazed Beauty team and wider community’s must-have buys.


Brand: Sephora Collection
Product: Long Lasting Eyeliner High Precision Brush
Price: £13.99


I first found this Sephora eyeliner back in high school! As a bit of a make-up fanatic and someone who has been wearing winged eyeliner since the age of 13, I have honestly tried every brand and every formula, but this liquid eyeliner is my gold standard – I always go back to it. It’s so easy to use and any mistakes can be wiped away very easily. The formula is also the perfect matte colour and dries so cohesively.

On those nights that I don’t wash my make-up off (it happens to us all), it is perfectly intact in the morning and looks like I just applied it. Also, it’s so cheap?! Its only flaw is that it’s probably not the most suited for anyone that has wet eyes (AKA me after a good cry lol) but otherwise it’s honestly my favourite and I can’t fault it.


If this product was a TV show it would be... Euphoria! It is perfect for experimenting, creating wild looks and it is super easy. Winged eyeliner forever.

If I was communicating to an alien only using hand gestures, I would describe it with... Jazz hands.

The fictional character who would use this product is… Elle Woods: Works every time ;)