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Mélie Hirtz dazed beauty Rubik's cube
Make-up Chloé Démoussis, hairstylist Joséphine Brignon, grillz Lisa Michalik, styling Céline LaviolettePhotography Mélie Hirtz, graphic design Marius Turpin

In photos: what if you could change your look like a Rubik’s Cube

Photographer Mélie Hirtz captures a transforming, ever-changing beauty look in a mix-and-match photo series

These days it’s not about picking one aesthetic and sticking with it. In 2023, our make-up transforms as much as our ever-changing, ever-fluid identities do. Our emotions and thoughts are constantly shifting, so why wouldn’t we play around with our make-up and experiment with different looks, picking and choosing depending on our mood that day? Swapping one look out for another like it’s a Rubik’s Cube.

It was this playful constantly changing approach to beauty that photographer Méile Hirtz wanted to capture in her new beauty shoot. “Our principal idea was to imagine an object which can tell our beauty story in one image. So I created one unique face for all the beauty looks we had,” she says. “To go further in this idea, I carried out this mix-and-match inside the story with some images which create very specific and interesting emotions.”

Taking inspiration from the photographs of Jean-Paul Goude, particularly his collages series and the idea of creating imaginary characters, Hirtz and the beauty team created a character with multiple facets, transforming her energy through the hair and make-up looks.

Chloé [Demoussis, the make-up artist] worked with texture on the face, graphic eyeliner, changing eyes colours and strong colours to achieve this radical change between looks,” explains Hirtz. “Joséphine [Brignon, the hair stylist] used wigs to amplify absurd looks and Lisa [Michalik, grillz] created a special grillz for one look to get this alte vibe. From one look to another, we have the feeling that it’s another personality.”

Photography Mélie Hirtz, make-up Chloé Démoussis, hair Joséphine Brignon @ artlistparis, grillz Lisa Michalik @ saintgermain, styling Céline Laviolette, model Arina / Casting @ annabellelisabethrose, photography assistant Enzo Tonati, graphic design Marius Turpin.