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Harmony Korine and Bladee design tattoos for Heaven Marc Jacobs

Created by Manon Macasaet, the temporary tattoos are the Gen Z fave label’s latest drop

Remember when you were a child and you would get temporary tattoos in a sweet wrapper and feel joy? Well, good news. You can feel that once again. Except instead of a sweet wrapper, it comes in the form of a limited edition ​​£80 zine courtesy of Heaven Marc Jacobs

As the gift that keeps giving, the last couple of years have seen Heaven give us iconic collaborations and collections, hand-painted hair extensions and a plethora of mini publications. Past zines have included Just Like Heaven, which saw photographer Elisa Sue Young Park photograph Enya Umanzor, and more recently Alex Leese’s zine starring model and actress Kiko Mizuhara. This time around Heaven has enlisted photographer and filmmaker Manon Macasaet to create a zine full of temporary tattoos.

Having previously worked on an independent publishing project entitled I <3 TATTOO in 2021, this zine is not the first time Macasaet has curated temporary tattoos. However on this occasion, alongside tattoos designed by Macasaet herself, are tattoos by the likes of Harmony Korine, Bladee and Ibuki Sakai. Bladee’s tattoos include variations of the Drain Gang logo alongside some of his artwork, while Korine’s tattoo depicts a sketch of a dragon-like figure. Other featured tattoos have been designed by Will Sheldon, Keegan Dakkar, Kei Saito, Ally Bo and Leif Jones. 

The zine is available to purchase here.

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