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Horoscope January 2023: we begin the new year with a sense of sharp resolve

Mercury is in retrograde but Capricorn season will help ensure that we commit to our 2023 resolutions

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and priestess based in Los Angeles. She is the host of the podcast, “Bitchcraft: Spirituality for Bad People.” Her sessions include birth chart readings, tarot, energetic clearings and psychic consultations.

The first month of 2023 kicks off in hard working Capricorn season, the sign of the Sea Goat, infamous for its ability to work, achieve and climb every mountain. We begin the new year with a sense of sharp resolve, eager to set pragmatic goals and match them with decisive action. We might be prone to bouts of cynicism, and starting off the year with Mercury stationed retrograde in Capricorn certainly gives us a harsh reality check. We are evaluating our place in the world at large, eager to trim the excess from our daily load, and refine our focused responsibilities. As always with Mercury retrograde, we are privy to the occasional communicative hiccup and delay, and it’s recommended to give ourselves more leeway when getting ready.

On a more positive note, the Sun radiating through Capricorn ensures that we commit to our New Year’s resolutions. With Jupiter newly in Aries, January is a month of beginnings, as we venture into 2023 with our focus on new potential. Venus enters cerebral Aquarius on the 2nd of the month, encouraging us to seek solutions in our relationships, inciting a time of breathing room from family and reconciliation with community. Venus in Aquarius shows us everyone’s angle, and can offer solutions for relational issues that were previously obscured. In the same vein, we can want our space, need our freedom, and be ferocious trailblazers. A sensitive, tender full Moon in Cancer on the 6th may bring a sense of emotional release to a sensitive situation. 

Mars, planet of action and physicality, finally leaves its retrograde motion and moves forward in Gemini on the 12th. Our energy levels are replenished and we feel more confident in making moves that suit our sense of personal mission. This restored and reinvigorated sense of purpose bodes well for setting intentions for the year ahead. We are more decisive and direct, ready to take action that mirrors our accelerating goals. On the 18th, Mercury stations direct in Capricorn, followed by the Sun’s ingress into Aquarius on the 20th.

With the Sun in futuristic, forward-thinking Aquarius, we are seeking reinvention. Aquarius season means embracing our eccentricities, amplifying our sense of independence and focusing on our hopes and wishes. We become rebels with causes, ready to dedicate ourselves to respective missions, eager to be of service to the planet. Utilise the magic of the New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st to set intentions for your most avant garde hopes and wishes.