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Iga Drobisz girls shoot dazed beauty
Hair Ruby Howes, make-up Naomzz, styling Natalia FarnausPhotography Iga Drobisz

Girls, girls, girls: revel in nostalgic glamour with this Polaroid shoot

Photographer Iga Drobisz teams up with Naomzz and Ruby Howes for a striking polaroid beauty shoot straight out of Studio 54

For photographer Iga Drobisz, this shoot was a long time coming. “All I knew is that I wanted to work with this particular cast and this particular team for a while, and I knew this combination of talents and faces can’t go wrong”, she says. The result is a series of simple but striking polaroid portraits that call back to the glamour and candidness of Andy Warhol’s iconic polaroid series. 

When it came to the beauty, Berlin-based Naomzz created make-up looks that wouldn’t have been out of place in Studio 54: sweeps of iridescent eyeshadow, deep red lips and blushed temples. A shimmering blue eye look, worn by model Ajsa Movic and combined with sweeping sideburns from hair stylist Ruby Howes seems to perfectly reference young Lisa Minelli as captured by Warhol. As for Howes’ main inspiration, it’s similarly glamorous and nostalgic. “I’ve recently been watching a lot of David Lynch movies”, she explains, “and I think unconsciously that came through in the hair”.

For all artists, the personalities of the models was central to their work. “I love creating strong shapes and creating a kind of character that’s inspired by the models themselves”, says Howes. Naomzz echoes that sentiment: “I get inspired by faces a lot”, she says, “so I wanted to create glam looks that I feel fit their individual characters”. This is only reinforced by Drobisz’ capturing of each of them from several subtly different angles and facial expressions, as if showing different facets of their personalities. “It feels amazing to finally hold a picture in my hand that I have carried in my head for a while now,” she says.

Photography Iga Drobisz, hair Ruby Howes, make-up Naomzz, styling Natalia Farnaus, models Ajsa Movic @ Two Management, Maya Dejean @ DSM Management and Kieu My Le. Special thanks to Theresa Hagedorn and Andie Riekstina.