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Illustration by Jethro Nepomuceno

Take our quiz: which 2022 beauty archetype are you?

From skinny brows and jellyfish hair to crying make-up, find out which 2022 beauty trend sums you up the best

2022 was an exciting year for beauty. As we tentatively emerged from two years of lockdowns and started venturing out into the world again, we said sayonara to wellness and skincare and hello old friend to make-up. Our beauty looks this year were expressions of our emotions – no matter how messy, dark, playful, hedonistic or chaotic they were. They reflected our feelings of joy and of sorrow (very literally in the case of crying make-up). It was colourful, experimental, hyper-glam, exaggerated. At times, it was a bit slapdash – a welcome relief from the meticulous, painstaking, full-coverage approach of last decade’s Instagram Face.

2022 saw the return of some ghosts of beauty trends past as well. It once seemed that skinny brows would never return, so maligned and vilified they had been over the past ten years. However, the trend cycle stops for no-one and there’s only so many things you can do with eyebrows. Goth make-up also came back from the dead thanks to our collective spiritual malady, feelings of malaise, and Netflix. As did the jellyfish haircut which might have felt brand new to those in the west, but is actually another Y2K relic, this time from Taiwan – proof of the increasing globalisation of beauty trends.

So, which 2022 beauty archetype are you? Take this quiz to find out.