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Horoscope November 2022: Brace yourself for changes and endings

As Scorpio rules the underworld, we are subject to receiving deep insights over the first week of the month

Grace McGrade is an intuitive astrologer and priestess based in Los Angeles. She is the host of the podcast, “Bitchcraft: Spirituality for Bad People.” Her sessions include birth chart readings, tarot, energetic clearings and psychic consultations.

November is your call to reclaim your power, as we open the month in an eclipse sandwich, still in the intense throws of Scorpio season and a Mars retrograde. This cycle of eclipses is showing us how to connect deeper with our bodies and sense of values, while avoiding the urge to fall into old patterns of enmeshment with others. Mars stationed retrograde on October 30 and continues on until January 2023. Mars is about what motivates us, and its retrograde through Gemini may mean it’s time to review our sense of mission. It could be a battle of ideas, as information that opposes public consensus comes to the surface.

We are bestowed certain choice points over the course of November, asked to remain in the seat of neutrality as opposing sides battle it out. Over the duration of this season, we are reviewing past choices. As Scorpio rules the underworld, we are subject to receiving deep insights over the first week of November, as we can perceive what motivates others. On November 8, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus catapults us into yet another chapter of changes. What we place importance on has changed, as has our desire to connect with our own, independent energy fields. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is an ending of sorts, a call to close the door on any stubborn habits that keep us from embodying self-worth.

As we progress through November, Jupiter stations retrograde in Pisces. Here, we may be reviewing old beliefs and delusions, encouraged to lean into our emotions and surrender old perceptions. Sagittarius season begins on the 20th of the month, granting us a more optimistic vision for the future. We are called to go on a quest for truth, expanding our minds and hearts. The sign of the Archer is known for its steadfast opinions and sense of wanderlust, so let curiosity be your guide and take you to uncharted territory.