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brad pitt
Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise, 1991 (Film Still)

Oh no! Brad Pitt is a beauty baron now


Is Brad Pitt trying to distract us from something? The actor has just opened an art exhibition and now he’s launched a “genderless” beauty range – despite never having vocalised any interest in skincare before.

Described as a “science-meets-nature” brand, ‘Le Domaine features four products in all: two creams, a serum and a cleanser. The products have been created using grape-based antioxidants harvested from the vineyards of the Château Beaucastel vintners, who also developed Pitt’s wine. Fifteen years of research have apparently gone into the brand and resulted in a molecule named GSM10, a “powerful antidote to oxidative stress”.

According to a Vogue interview published today, Pitt has made a “conscious decision” not to front the brand as its face, although we are assured that he has been “as hands-on as it gets with its concept and development.” It’s probably for the best that Pitt will be taking a backseat in the promotion of the brand since, as he says himself in the interview, he has never really been that interested in having a skincare routine.

Pitt is not the only celebrity completely unrelated to beauty to launch a skincare line in recent times. Just yesterday Blink-182 musician Travis Barker announced he is expanding his wellness brand to include skincare for the first time. All five products, including an eye serum, a face serum and a mask, are infused with CBD and are described as “all-natural”. With prices ranging from $85 for the daily moisturiser to $140 for the renewal balm, it’s not quite clear who his target audience is for the products. It’s too expensive to be considered merch for the fans and anyone who can afford to spend over $100 on one serum will likely go to a more trusted prestige brand.

Every week it feels more and more like someone in Hollywood is just spinning a big wheel to decide which random celebrity will come out with a beauty brand next. Last October it landed on Ellen Degeneres who launched a skincare range, ironically named “Kind Science”; in July the wheel stopped on Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina who launched their own “genderless” skincare range S’Able Labs; in August, Ciara dropped a line of skincare products centred around vitamin C; and last week Naomi Watts announced Stripes, a menopausal beauty brand.

Then of course there is Harry Styles, Addison Rae, Jennifer Lopez, Millie Bobby Brown, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer, Lori Harvey, Kristen Bell and Kate Upton. The list goes on. Enough is enough!