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Doja cat eyebrows

Doja Cat’s eyebrows are the best thing in beauty right now

Finally some exciting celebrity make-up!

Celebrity beauty is rarely very exciting. Red carpet make-up, more often than not, is pretty but dull – and while there might be the occasional experimental editorial look, off-duty style generally follows the same unremarkable lines. Of course, there are some exceptions. Billie Eilish’s once trademark neon green roots, for example, was a style that felt genuinely fresh when she debuted it in 2019. But usually by the time looks have made their way up to the mainstream they have lost their element of originality. 

Enter Doja Cat. A few weeks ago the musician debuted a shaved head and shaved eyebrows. The new look caused many online to lose their minds – it seems a lot of people believe the only reason a woman would shave her head is as a cry for help during a mental breakdown. However, Doja herself felt joy from the change and it has given her a completely blank slate on which to experiment with increasingly expressive and artistic make-up looks.

The eyebrows have been the most attention grabbing. Doja has been drawing them on, pencil-thin, often with a playful touch right in the centre of her arch. There have been small flowers, smiley faces, apples and hearts. One time what appeared to be sperm were painted on, wrapped around the brows. The eye looks that accompany the brows are usually just as creative. A space-themed liner involved intergalactic shapes in blues, pinks and yellows, while the sperm brows were joined by an experimental electric look.

Then there are her fashion week looks which have taken her beauty to the next level. Teaming up with make-up artist Laurel Charleston, Doja wore a teletubby-esque look to the Marni show which saw her bald head painted orange. For the Vogue World runway presentation, Charleston painted a swirling white pattern across her face and head – a genuinely exciting front row beauty look that shows how expansive the possibilities of beauty can be. 

So our message to Doja: keep it up! We’ve loved every second and no doubt we will continue to do so. Below we’ve rounded up some of our favourite of Doja’s beauty looks.