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Kate Moss Juergen Teller Dazed & Confused
Kate Moss in the November 1997 issue of Dazed & ConfusedPhotography Juergen Teller

Kate Moss’s beauty brand is different from what you might expect

A new range of wellness products means you can now replicate the daily beautifying rituals of the ultimate IT girl

Over the past few years, Kate Moss has embarked on a wellbeing journey, which has seen the supermodel take up yoga, wild swimming and transcendental meditation. Now, she has launched Cosmoss, a new beauty brand which aims to bring together her party girl spirit with her new focus on balance and holistic health (after all Moss hasn’t been completely Goop-ified, she is still the creative director of Diet Coke). 

Described as “a place where wellness and hedonism coexist,” the brand features six products designed to treat both the inside and out: two mood-boosting teas, a cleanser, a face cream, a CBD oil and a “sacred mist” fragrance designed to cleanse the aura. Ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free and include the appropriately mystic sounding “mythical tears of chios” and moss extract.

“Cosmoss draws on my life experiences, my journey and my transformation. Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind and designed to unlock new rituals leading you to find inner balance and love,” says Moss, who self-funded the brand. “A story of reconnection from soul to surface. There is a magic to Cosmoss and I can’t wait for you all to uncover it, just as I did.”

Cosmoss is focused on ritual and its website has a dedicated section outlining the steps of three routines designed for dawn, day and dusk. For Dawn, for example, Moss recommends waking up with a cup of the brand’s Dawn Tea, followed by cleansing and moisturising the skin. Lastly a spritz of the Sacred Mist which works to “bring emotional balance and provide a sense of inner peace.” These are the rituals Moss herself uses. “Every morning I wake up, have a cup of Dawn tea and meditate,” she tells Dazed. “Then I do some yoga and have a green juice and take a moment and breathe. Just taking those few minutes in the morning, it really helps me.” 

The sense of magic and mysticism at the core of the brand also comes from a deeply entrenched part of Moss’s life. The model consulted her “spiritual guide” and homeopath Victoria Young when it came to formulating the products, in particular the fragrance, which all have a mythical, emotional and spiritual connection. Alongside notes of bergamot, jasmine and tuberose, the Sacred Mist contains tonka bean which – it is said – if you make a wish while holding and then throw the bean into moving water will help manifest your desires. “I’m interested in talismans and trinkets, I love that objects can be carried with you to protect or bring good fortune. I love my crystals, incense and frankincense,” Moss tells Dazed.

Cosmoss proves that wellness doesn’t have to be an earnest all or nothing endeavour. If you have a Diet Coke in the afternoon after your morning herbal tea and CBD oil that’s OK. After all, what’s life without a few vices?

Cosmoss products are available now from the website and Harrods