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Doja Cat
Photographer Jacob Webster via Instagram/@dojacat

Doja Cat’s interactive music video teaches you to code, starting with nails

Bandersnatch but make it beauty

If you thought the concept of Black Mirror’s 2019 episode “Bandersnatch” was cool but got frustrated by the increasingly shit, mostly deadly, choices you were being forced to pick between, then Doja Cat’s latest project could be for you. 

The rapper has partnered up with Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organisation that aims to get more women and girls interested in computer science, on the first ever codable music video. The team have transformed Doja’s video for new single “Woman” into an interactive experience where you control the story – just like Bandersnatch but in a more low-stakes, less jumping out of windows kind of way. 

The interactive game introducers users to three different programming languages, CSS, Javascript, and Python; and offers codeable moments throughout the video. For example, the first decision you get to make is the colour of Doja’s pointed, supersized manicure. Just type in any shade you like (‘pinkleopard’ and ‘fire’ were a couple of our favourites) and the nails will transform in front of your eyes.

‘We know firsthand that girls and young women are some of today’s most powerful creators and change-makers. However, too few know that they can have a career in computer science,” said Tarika Barrett, CEO of Girls Who Code. “Most girls haven’t heard of coding, but they are passionate about activism or dance or music. Our job is to show them the connection between learning to code and pursuing those interests.”

According to Girls Who Code, the number of female computer scientists has actually decreased over the last few decades. In 1995, 37 per cent of computer scientists were women but today that number has fallen to just 24 per cent. “The percent will continue to decline if we do nothing,” they said. “We know that the biggest drop off of girls in computer science is between the ages of 13 and 17.”

Another interactive moment in the video allows you to change the sky in the video to match the time of day of the city of your choosing. For example, if it’s midday in Rio de Janeiro or midnight in Tokyo, the sky reflects bright sun or starry constellations. Incredibly easy to do, the experience is perfect for young (and old!) beginners being introduced to coding for the first time. Try it out for yourself here.

In other Doja Cat beauty news, the E-girl who once said she likes to look like she just woke up, blew her nose and has pneumonia, recently announced her own make-up line with BH Cosmetics. Inspired by nature, the collection features everything from flora-inspired eyeshadow palettes and make-up brushes to lip plumping glosses and powder highlighters. 

“This collaboration is such a full circle moment for me. I grew up doodling in school and always had an artistic eye, so naturally experimenting with make-up was a huge part of my life as a teenager. One of the first shadow palettes I ever purchased was from BH Cosmetics and I’m so proud to release this collection with them,” Doja Cat said about the collaboration.