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Machine Gun Kelly
via Twitter @bestgug

Machine Gun Kelly launches a nail polish brand for introverts

The musician says the brand, titled UN/DN LAQR, is ‘the Willy Wonka of what beauty is to become’

After years of flaunting intricate nail looks on the red carpet (see his iHeartRadio Music Awards acrylics from last May for evidence), Machine Gun Kelly has officially launched his own nail polish brand.

The beauty line, titled UN/DN LAQR, features ten classic shades of nail polish – chosen so that the colours can be worn regardless of the season. The range includes a black hue called ‘Depressionist’, paying homage to when MGK would colour his nails with Sharpies during middle school; a red-orange shade, ‘25 to Life’, named by goth girlfriend Megan Fox; and a dark green shade, ‘Mary Jane’, because MGK “is weed”, we guess.

Each polish in the collection is crafted with a thick brush, so that the collection is accessible to all people, of all beauty capabilities. “I’m not expecting people to be nail artists, right? I want it to be accessible,” the musician told Allure, explaining that he wants the brand to be for everyone, regardless of how they identify. “I mean, I’m hoping aliens, at some point when they reveal themselves, are fully immersed in the UN/DN stuff.” 

Kelly also explained that the polish might help fans gain confidence in day-to-day life. “A lot of my music was for the introverts, for the people scared to be vulnerable. I know that a lot of people don’t have the external courage to start conversations with people. I’m like that — I’m super shy when it comes to starting conversations,” he said. “When I went and got coffee, one of the first times when I actually had my nails done, I went to the counter and the guy was like, ‘Wow, your nails are so beautiful.’ It makes you want to be open to the conversation.”

He added: “You spend time taking care of yourself and paying attention to a detail and then somebody else appreciates that detail. (It’s) for sure a social connection."

As for the brand’s future, Kelly stated that UN/DR LAQR will be the “Willy Wonka of what beauty is to become,” hinting at a new shade range in 2022 and hopes to create a luxurious, Disneyland-type brand experience. “I’m not the most well-versed CEO, but you know, you’re not listening to me while you’re doing your nails,” he says. “I don’t come with the nail kit.”

Shop Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DR LAQR polishes here.